Barchan – Historical Festivity of Jemnice

Lokalita Jemnice
Typ Nehmotné dědictví/Tradice/Kulturní festival
Místo nálezu 49.0189864, 15.5699376
Barchan – Historical Festivity of Jemnice

One of the oldest historical festivities in Central Europe takes part annualy in June, after St. Vitus Day, in the town of Jemnice in the Vysočina region. First record of the festivity is from 1713, when the event was already an established local tradition. The scenario of the festivity remained unchanged until today. Four messengers are running through the town to bring a letter to the Queen Elisabeth of Bohemia. Accordnig to the traditional story, she was left in the well-guarded and heavily fortified town by her husband, John the Blind, who rode away to battle his opponents. He sent the message for his wife and when the four messengers arrived, the Queen gratefully rewarded them with a fustian armor (barchan in Czech), a scarf, stockings and a garland.
Although it remains still unclear whether the story really happened in that way, it became the main festival of the town until today and it is visited by masses. Barchan is enlisted in the Czech National Cultural Heritage List and the manucipality is keen to UNESCO World Heritage List application.