Tykocin – Heritage of Diversity

Lokalita Tykocin
Typ Nehmotné dědictví/Tradice/Hmotné památky
Místo nálezu 53.2062669, 22.7740605
Tykocin – Heritage of Diversity

Tykocin is a small town in Poland’s Podlachia region, with 2,010 inhabitants (2012), located on the Narew river. It is callde „The Baroque Pearl of Podlachia“, as a result of co-existence of Jewish and Polish-Catholic communities as well as Orthodox minorities.

It was one of the first Polish cities settled by the Jewish in the Medieval Ages. Local community was wiped out during the WW2 (Tykocin Massacre), but many buildings remained till today, most of all the Baroque Synagogue from 1642. Town was also inhabited by the Catholic minority. On the opposite side of town, there is Baroque Bernardine Monastery (1711) and Church of Holy Trinity (1742). Nearby the town, there is also located Tykocin Castle, which was  built before 1469, extended in 16th century and partially reconstructed in 2005 (based on the archaeological analysis and archival sources).