Warsaw – Main Railway Station Revitalization

Lokalita Warsaw
Typ Industrial Heritage/Brownfield Re-Use
Místo nálezu 52.2249683, 20.985657
Warsaw – Main Railway Station Revitalization

Railway Museum

Exhibition of the Railway Museum held in the unused part of the main hall of the Warsaw Train Station. Outside on part of unused platforms visitors can see an open-air exhibition of historic preserved rolling stock.

Pinball Station

The owner took advantage of the high ceilings and built entresol. What’s important is that all of those initiatives are regarded as temporary. Official agreement they have with the railway company states that they can terminate the agreement in one month’s notice.

However, museums or music clubs are not the only initiatives taking place in both locations. In fact, one of main characteristics of those places is the variety of different organizations gathered in one area. In former storage halls, waiting rooms, locomotive depots now can be found initiatives of different kinds: shops, schools, storage spaces, pubs, restaurants, event spaces, photographic studios, hostels, theaters, office spaces.