Wrocław – Railway Heritage of Świebodzki Station

Lokalita Wrocław
Typ Industrial Heritage/Brownfield Re-Use
Místo nálezu 51.1089706, 17.0179272
Wrocław – Railway Heritage of Świebodzki Station

Flea Market on Świebodzki Station

Market on Świebodzki was opened not long after the closure of the station: in 1994 and now it’s the biggest and most recognizable flea market in Wrocław. Because of the location not far away from the city center and the wide area of the former trackway to use it provided the conditions for open-air trade in big scales. Some sellers fix their stands right on the platforms and others on the former trackway. There are people that sell their products from specially prepared fold-down, some sell from the cars, and some arrange their goods right on the ground. Tracks set aisles, railway traction poles are used to display the products. At the beginning the market on Świebodzki Station was organized from below, for some time it was managed by private company and since 2014 Railway Company is supervising the event.